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ZERO NICOTINE is an innovative new stop smoking patch designed to help you give up smoking safely and naturally. With its unique blend of ingredients, ZERO NICOTINE offers you the best possible chance to finally kick the habit for good! If you are serious about your decision to quit, you’ve come to the right place.

Why ZERO NICOTINE Really Works

ZERO NICOTINE is safe and easy to use. Each patch contains a dose of the most effective ingredients, formulated to alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal while cleansing the system of all smoking-related toxins. To break free from smoking, you need to break free from nicotine. Unlike other stop smoking patches, ZERO NICOTINE’s all-natural formula eliminates, rather than replenishes, the level of nicotine in your body, helping you break the habit.

Normal nicotine patches and gums simply feed you more nicotine.
...That's NOT the way to break an addictive habit.

Kick the Nicotine Habit Naturally

It is a well-known fact that withdrawal from nicotine is very unpleasant. In fact, it is the single thing that causes even the most committed quitters to go back to smoking. What makes the ZERO NICOTINE patch so amazing is that it combines the all-natural healing properties of a unique variety of traditional herbal formulas to completely and naturally eliminate your body’s need for nicotine.

The advanced formula safely mimics the properties of nicotine. It acts on the “nicotine receptors” in your body and effectively fools it into thinking it’s getting more nicotine, while keeping you calm and relaxed during nicotine withdrawal. ZERO NICOTINE will help you quit smoking for life.

ZERO NICOTINE Patch fights the three major factors that makes quitting so hard:

1. Nicotine addiction
2. Withdrawal symptoms
3. Nicotine intoxication

The patch contains ingredients that act as natural substitutes for nicotine; thereby satisfying the body’s craving for this substance, without all the negative side effects of patches containing the actual nicotine drug itself. The all-natural ingredients will make you crave fewer cigarettes each day. This gradual process allows you to quit with no withdrawal symptoms and requires less willpower and effort on your part.

Withdrawal symptoms will be milder due to the all-natural nicotine substitute, which helps you shake the nicotine habit gradually, with less physical and emotional stress. Furthermore, to help you through the process, ZERO NICOTINE’s herbal formulation helps decrease the anxiety and depression that affect most people who are trying to quit smoking.

The nicotine content in your system will gradually decrease as you continue to wear the patch. To help you speed up this important process, ZERO NICOTINE contains ingredients with distinctive antioxidant properties, to detoxify your body and eliminate the nicotine stored in your cells. Most of the harmful effects of smoking will start to disappear once you stop smoking completely.

The patch application method allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream faster and more conveniently than any other method. Other methods, such as pills or lozenges, must be taken several times per day, since they lose many of their active ingredients as they are processed by stomach acid, minimizing their effectiveness. The revolutionary patch system eliminates the need to remember to take pills.


Simply apply a new ZERO NICOTINE Patch every three days. It’s that easy!


What Does ZERO NICOTINE Patch Do? The formula is safe and non-addictive, and it can provide your "nicotine receptor cells" with the same sensation provided by nicotine. The difference is that you won't crave the sensation anymore. Remember, patches and gums simply feed you more nicotine. That's NOT the way to break an addictive habit.

How long does it take for ZERO NICOTINE to start working?
Most people feel the cravings for Nicotine dramatically reduce within the first 10-15 days. We do suggest however you purchase at least a 30-day supply should you feel the need to stay on the program a bit longer.

How long will one box last?
Each box contains 10 powerful patches. Each patch is to be worn for three days. One box contains a one month supply of patches.

What is transdermal delivery?
Transdermal delivery is absorption through the skin. Products absorbed this way go directly into the bloodstream instead of being filtered through the liver.

Are there any side effects?
If you decide to cheat and try to smoke while on the program, you may experience some mild nausea and dizziness. That's your signal that ZERO NICOTINE is working exactly as intended. No side effects should appear if you remain off nicotine for the duration of the program. When you finish the program, you will no longer have cravings for nicotine.

We are not aware of any drug interactions. ZERO NICOTINE contains no nicotine or other drugs. The formula is completely herbal and all-natural. If you have any medical concerns you may review the ingredients with your doctor or healthcare professional. For more information regarding the use of Herbal Supplements please visit our Herbal Safety Guidelines.

How do you use the ZERO NICOTINE Patch? Place one patch in a different place on the skin every three days. It is recommended that the patch be placed on a hair-free area, if at all possible to avoid irritation when removing the patch. Do not place the patch on the genitals or the face.

Can I shower with the patch? Yes. The unique application and adhesive technology of this patch allows you to shower, swim, workout and sleep with the patch without ever having to worry about it coming off.

How long will it take to get my order? What about International orders? If you live in the UK or USA you should receive your order in 1 - 4 business days. Most international orders (outside UK and USA) are received within 3 - 10 business days but we cannot control customs clearance which can sometimes cause a delay. Price does not include import duties if they become applicable in your country (not applicable for UK/USA).

ZERO NICOTINE will help eliminate your need for nicotine and the side effects of quitting smoking GUARANTEED ...or Your Money Back!!!


The all-natural blend of herbs in ZERO NICOTINE works both independently and synergistically to decrease cravings, lower stress and anxiety levels, and purge toxins from your system. This formula also contains ingredients that help curb the hunger and irritability associated with quitting smoking. Below you will find a detailed list of ingredients and their key functions:

Gotu Kola is used to promote relaxation, improve memory and blood flow, reduce inflammation, and increase liver function. It has been directly linked to significant improvements in concentration skills. Gotu kola also has a historic reputation for aiding a variety of serious illnesses.

Hops have pronounced sedative effects, producing a calm, soothing feeling. As one of the traditional agents employed in folk medicine throughout the Western world, Hops’ tonic and muscle-relaxing properties are especially effective in reducing physical cravings.

Skullcap is a powerful medicinal herb used in the treatment of a wide range of nervous conditions including insomnia, hysteria, anxiety, delirium tremens, and withdrawal from barbiturates and tranquilizers. High in minerals required for a healthy nervous system, Skullcap is a reliable and safe central nervous system tonic and sedative. It relaxes all states of nervous tension, nourishing and strengthening the nervous system at the same time. Also used effectively for treating nervous headache and restlessness.

Oat , also called Wild Oat, was historically prescribed as a traditional botanical medicine for the treatment of disorders of the liver, kidney and joints. The herb was also used as a tonic to help control the nerves, depression and as a natural strength enhancer for both and women. Recognized as a natural anti-depressant, Oat’s calming effect can help relieve tension, fatigue, and anxiety. It also has effective antioxidant properties.

Peppermint stimulates circulation and helps to calm nerves. Its purification properties work to refresh, restore, and rejuvenate both mind and body. Highly valued for its healing properties, Peppermint also clears the lungs and respiratory passages, making breathing easier.

Ginger Root has been used in China and other countries for thousands of years as a tonic. Ginger Root is a proven homeopathic remedy for upset stomach, indigestion, cramps, and chills. Ginger Root also provides essential vitamins and nutrients, such as protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Gentian is used to aid in digestion. It improves circulation, helps prevent heartburn, and stimulates the body’s production of gastric juices, bile, and saliva. Gentian can help normalize the functioning of the thyroid and may be useful in the treatment of ulcers.

Myrrh has been recognized throughout the ages for its excellent antiseptic and astringent properties, making it effective in the treatment of mouth sores, coughs, sore gums, and asthma.

Safflower was first used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat stomach tumors, relieve abdominal pain, and to cleanse and heal wounds and sores. Research indicates that Safflower helps to soothe coughs and bronchial conditions, while stimulating immune function.

Eucalyptus is often used for asthma and other respiratory ailments. Its primary uses are as an antiseptic, expectorant, and stimulant. The oil derived from Eucalyptus has many healing properties and is useful in treating lung disease, colds, and sore throat.

Slippery Elm, noted primarily for its soothing properties, is one of the best agents for combating coughs. Slippery El m h as a lubricating action that protects and softens all the membrane linings in the body. It is also an immune system booster. An effective purifier, Slippery Elm gathers up dissolved toxic waste in your body, including your bowels, and helps discharge it accordingly.

Licorice Root has been utilized for centuries as a tonic and as a relief for colds, coughs, and sore throats. It is used to remove buildup of toxic metabolic substances in the body, because it increases the liver's ability to filter out these wastes. Licorice Root can also help symptoms of depression and fatigue.

Alfalfa is rich in vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. It is an excellent source of balanced nutritional content. Alfalfa has been found to reduce heart disease, prevent fluid retention, and relieve high blood pressure. It acts as a tonic and stimulant and is very useful for respiratory disorders and discomforts.

Passion Flower relieves tension, anxiety, and insomnia, due to its calming effect on the central nervous system. Studies conducted since the 1930’s indicate that Passion Flower is a safe non-addictive herb that promotes relaxation. It is also mildly effective in treating nervous stomachs and indigestion.

Sarsaparilla is used for problems involving the blood, skin, circulation, and intestines. With its distinctive tonic properties, Sarsaparilla increases energy levels and can help to remove harmful toxins from the blood and body. It can also aid in relieving low mood and debility.

Bayberry helps to increase circulation and prevent bacterial infections. It can also be used as a tonic and stimulant to support the body's defense against a range of ailments such as coughs, colds, flu, fevers, headache, and sore throat.

Echinacea Powder is a popular herb used primarily to reduce the symptoms and duration of colds and flu-like illnesses. It helps the body resist cravings and boosts the immune system.




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